Tips When Considering Custom Made Furniture

If you are thinking about getting custom-made furniture for your home, follow these tips by an expert craftsman to get the best results.

How can you find the perfect manufacturer?

It is very important to do your homework to not just locate a respectable manufacturer, but a person who will be the perfect match for your furniture piece you are thinking about. Crafters provide various styles, use various materials and have different design methods. Think about making an appointment in the manufacturer’s showroom or workshop to view furniture in various phases, view wood samples, and also see completed products. Look at who they work with when it comes to sourcing materials for your piece. If they work with tree cutting companies for example who recycle the trees once they are cut into furniture, than you know they are environmentally sustainable and may want to work with them over working with a company who simply wastes the trees.

What information should you take to your manufacturer?

Dimensions – the most significant information to have available and understanding the physical area you need to work with. You can bring together house plans or measure the area in your home for your own piece with masking tape.

Design – consider the design you need and what additional finishes and colours that you have in the area. Show photographs of your area to your manufacturer so that they can find a feeling of your own aesthetic.

Goal – think about what your piece is going to be utilized for: screen, storage, regular usage, is it moving in a moist area etc. This could aid with considerations in regards to layout, finishes, and materials utilized.

Timeframe – be apparent in your timings when conversing to your manufacturer to be sure you allow sufficient time for the piece to be made. Each manufacturer works to various timeframes and they will have the ability to let you know the lead time in the beginning.

A guide to pricing – is there a formula to understand what you may expect to pay for a piece? This varies from maker to maker. Pricing is dependent upon the bit of furniture, what fabric it is made out of, and the labour involved. As soon as you’ve supplied specifications to a manufacturer they could return to you with a comprehensive quotation.

How long can a custom made piece take to make?

It generally depends upon the manufacturer, the sort of bit, and wood availability. The lead time might be anywhere between 4 – 12 weeks, however that depends upon the part of furniture. By way of instance, if it is a bigger piece such as a custom made table or bed frame than the lead time will be more.

The very best thing about owning a custom made item in your property?

The choices are endless using custom made. You have to play a part in the design procedure and have it made for your specifications, design, dimensions, selection of wood. Custom is also an excellent alternative when you’ve got a particular layout in mind and cannot find what you’re searching for. ¬†Especially if you are after a niche type of piece such as tree wood furniture, you may want to get a custom designed piece of this. You may want unique storage alternatives, an out-of-the-ordinary dining table height, length or shape, or maybe you be specific concerning the wood type, colour tone and finish you need. By picking custom-made you are also encouraging Australian manufacturers and tiny companies.

How do you obtain an inexpensive piece when you are on a budget?

It has never been easier to purchase a custom made piece of furniture. When comparing off sourcing, you are going to be amazed that it is less of a price difference than you may think. Be upfront with the amount you have available to pay. Very good manufacturers are going to have the ability to work together and provide a few thoughts based on your finances, or refer you to a different manufacturer who may be better satisfied.

Which are your favourite timbers to use?

We attempt to utilize Australian indigenous species since we’ve got so many fantastic varieties right in our backyard. A few of the timbers we utilize comprise Messmate, Blackbutt and Spotted Gum. In addition, we use reclaimed Hydrowood timbers which were dredged from the bottom of Lake Pieman in Tasmania that provide a unique but consistent colouring, such as Blackwood, Celery Top Pine, Tasmanian Oak and the prized Huon Pine.

Some “Dos and Can’ts” when going to a manufacturer working on commission

DO – come ready with dimensions, ideas, along with the style/look that you want to attain.

DON’T – be close minded, and that means that you are able to be open to choices and hints from the manufacturer. They’re the specialists when it comes to wood and that which you have in your mind may not be the ideal selection for your space or piece.

Other hints

When purchasing a custom designed furniture piece and you are concerned about the finished colour or tone, constantly attempt to watch a sample with acrylic onto it. Do not make a determination based on a normal, unoiled parcel of wood. Request to see your furniture in the process of its make, until it is completed, rather than too late to change your thoughts. When the furniture piece is constructed and oil is applied, there is no going back.

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