Decorating Tips For Rental Properties

It is a frequent issue for most people: how do you add your personal touch to a rental property and attract tenants. Potential tenants are more likely to lease your property if it has a homely feel and some decor in place, at least for the inspection. Since it is a rental property and you may want to put the property for sale in a few years, there are limitations to what you can do. When potential tenants see your listing on online property sales and lease websites, the decor in the space will make a difference to their impressions. You might be unable to re-paint the walls, alter the carpeting or upgrade the kitchen. However, there are some basic methods to transform a space with no damage and on a budget.

Here are my top 10 tips:

1. Floors: tired looking carpeting or wood floorboards in the incorrect colour can look drab and off. Including runners and rugs are a simple way to add texture and colour to any room as well as covering and protecting the original floor. A fantastic look at this time is overlapping rugs of various dimensions, but using rugs of similar colour-scheme and fashion. This layered result is inviting and warm and quite practical for your tenant since you’re able to accommodate the shape and pattern to every area or house as needed rather than spending big money on an entirely new floor.

2. Walls: All of us know there are not enough hooks at a rental home, but thankfully there is a massive selection of stick-on hanging strips to let’s fill out the walls, without creating one gap. Hanging your favourite paintings increases the personalisation as well as adding some interest and a talking point to the room. Think about using many small/medium frames to fill a massive wall; they’re lighter to hang compared to one big piece, and you can swap them around once the mood suits.

3. Doors:
Never underestimate what you could do with a doorway. By hanging a tassel or beaded curtain, or some subtle decor to the door handle, you are adding a statement. If there are going to be children residing on the property, door decorating is a fun way to identify bedrooms and have fun without causing any damage.

4. Plants: I’m passionate about indoor plants and also have them anywhere. Exotic plants and succulents add ambience and freshen the atmosphere. Lush green leaves are soothing to your spirit, and also you may have year-long colour by using ornamental or vibrant pots. There has been a trend in terrariums and glass pots that look great in any home.

5. Art: Artworks do not just need to be about the wall. Placing frames or pieces on windows and shelves is a great idea, as well as miniature sculptures and figurines. Personal items add dimensional interest to the room and ass a personal touch, so bring out those photo frames and letters and create your little exhibition showcase to enjoy. Always have a safe art storage area for your precious items especially in a rental property with other housemates.

6. Storage: It is apparently a problem for virtually any residence, particularly a rental home, but rather than using built-in storage to the max, look at using decorative storage containers and baskets that could be exhibited and eventually become an accessory. To create a cheap statement, why don’t you wrapping an inexpensive container and lid in the background; you could fill it with your own personal things and make a masterpiece in precisely the same moment?

7. Mirrors: They may make a small space feel big, a narrow area seem broad, and they’re also ideal to bounce light around the darkest of rooms. Insert a brightly coloured or elaborate frame, and also, they come to be an art.

8. Lighting: You might not have the ability to change light fixtures, but you can add milder light to any space using lamps and portable lights. Another suggestion would be to put in a feature floor lamp, brightening a vacant corner using table lamps with ornamental foundations that continuously help establish the mood. Candles are also fabulous and create a soft romantic ambience.

9. Furniture: When leasing, you need to consider modular or smaller furniture pieces that can readily adapt to almost any room configuration. Another suggestion is if you can not add the colour you like into the walls, why do not repaint your furniture? That secondhand side table might just become your favourite brand new piece of furniture.

10. Kitchen: When it comes to decorating, the kitchen can be overlooked. Think about the easy effect of glowing fresh tea towels, a daring fruit bowl along with a funky coloured pot plant. Let your creativity free and get some colourful utensils and a bright tablecloth.

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