Costume Ideas For Themed Parties

white contacts

Are you looking for some crazy and amazing ideas for your costume party for this weekend? As we all love to dress up and make our grand and influential entry in every party, we all understand that a costume plays a major role in being the center of attraction at any party.

Your creative and unique costume ideas can make you the talk of the town in just one night. However, if you are confused about what to wear or which costume suits your personality, then worry no more as we are here to help you throughout the process of choosing a suitable yet outstanding outfit for making a statement entry to your themed party.


Here’s a list of few unique and crazy ideas for your costume party


white contactsThe Nun – Last year, when The Nun movie was released in the theater’s everybody was excited about the character because of its unique and creative attire and look. Today when we think about wearing an amazing costume to a theme party, the Nun character feels perfect to fit in the category of creating an interesting look. For a spooky and horror look, you can wear a white dress and put on some spooky white make-up with a bit of bright red lipstick. But what can elevate this look are white contacts or scary colored contact lenses. They will transform your look from good to God-like! Trust me, you will rock this look with a little highlighter on your cheeks. Moreover, to match the spooky feels, wear a white scarf on your head and get ready to scare your friends.


Joker – Another fantastic idea for an impressive costume is to recreate the look of Joker from the 2019 movie. The Joker was an amazing character and is living with us in our hearts and minds. His impeccable acting as well as his creative look from the movie can get you an award for the best costume of the year at your theme party. However, don’t forget to go a little extra on your red lipstick to get the right amount of Joker smile.


Thor – The robust character from the Avengers’ movie has won more hearts than any other superhero on television. This is the very reason why re-creating the Thor look for your themed costume party will be an amazing idea to snatch those awards and spotlight from other people. Using the Thor outfit for the party could make a great impression in front of your friends. Moreover, the Thor costume does not need much effort, and it is incredibly easy to recreate. You only need a handful of items for Thor’s outfit, such as armor, a red cape, and a hammer as their signature weapon for the look.


Jigsaw’s doll – The jigsaw doll is such a scary character in the saw movie. If you want to recreate the look and want to look like a jigsaw doll to make the party much more fun and entertaining, then you only need to have a black suit and red bow tie. Moreover, to add the right Jigsaw doll feel, have some whitish look makeup for making your skin look pale. Red contacts can elevate the look of the entire outfit completely and will make you seem life-like. Add some little bit of red color on your cheeks, and you are ready with your scary look.


These above-mentioned theme party costume ideas are a winner. With these creative ideas, you can make your bold statement entry and win all the awards for the night. Become the talk of the town, go a little more extra with your make-up and choose your props as per your costume character to make an influential impression.