Exciting Forms of Art Taking Over 2019

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People have different tastes in a variety of many different things, a characteristic that makes them appreciate the same things differently. Think of wine for example. Not everyone enjoys a glass of good wine, or better, few people know what makes for good wine and would appreciate it if it was served. But each person has their own desired, specific and preferred flavour.

Art is like wine. Not everyone has an eye for art. And those who do appreciate different qualities of artistic pieces. Those who make, create and distribute art may each also have different ideas about art storage or the best way to organise an exhibition showcase.

What is involved in art?

The diverse forms of human creations in visual, auditory, and performing works that depict the creator’s imagination, skill, and conceptual ideas all make for art. These forms are intended to elicit appreciation and elated emotions in those who interact with them for their beauty and originality.

Artistic works can be of a wide variety including sculpture, painting, architecture, film, dance, literature, media productions, theatre, and other performing arts among others. Recently, there has been a large amount of growth in unique forms of art like wire work and the design of wire furniture for the home. These new changes show how far art can be adapted and the different types of perspectives that can be applied to the creative process of designing art. Our main focus in this article is on paintings and more broadly, visual art. Specifically, the forms of paintings that are eliciting excitement among lovers of art. In this write-up, we approach the 2019 forms of exciting art on two grounds: rediscovering historic-artistic gems and contemporary popular choices or preferences. All art is important and has a certain level of historical importance, but we are choosing to highlight some very prominent examples.

The continued fascination for historic art gems

Artists whose creative works have made a notable contribution to the world of art are being celebrated this year. The aim is to enable lovers of art to have a deeper understanding of the historic pieces and the influence that they have made in history. Audiences most times will simply enjoy the art and not understand how important the themes that are being represented are. This is why we would like to educate these audience members on just how much effort and hard work goes into creating something as important as art.

One such artist is Leonardo Da Vinci. Between September 12 and December 8, 2019, an exhibition will open at the Art Museum in Beijing to mark the global commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the 16th century artist. The occasion raises excitement among people who love art as it will exhibit the original works of Da Vinci as well as works created by his followers and students. Among the most celebrated pieces of Da Vinci are ‘The Last Supper’ and ‘Mona Lisa.’ Da Vinci is widely considered to be the most famous artist of his generation.


The Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia and the National Gallery of Art in Washington also celebrated the 500th anniversary of another art icon of the 16th century. Jacopo Tintoretto’s ‘Paradiso’ was exhibited alongside 50 other paintings and works on paper that showcase the artist’s career. The exhibition which ran from May 24th to July 7th created special excitement among visitors at the exhibition because most of the works had never been displayed in the US.

Contemporary trends in appreciating artistic works

Alongside historic art is also a growing trend of appreciation for new art themes. In a survey published in Art Business Today some years back, the themes of art paintings that were listed as selling best in order of rank included traditional landscapes, local views, modern or semi- abstract landscapes, abstracts, dogs, figure studies, seascapes, harbors, and beach scenes, wildlife, impressionistic landscapes, and nudes.

It appears that the same themes are selling best even today. Landscapes are at the top of the list because they are a suitable ornament for homes and any other setting. Artworks with a local theme are appreciated for the local focus while abstract paintings leave the observer the liberty to interpret the art. Figure studies and nude arts create a reflective connection between the viewer and the subject depicted by the art.

The 2019 excitement around art is built on the appreciation of old treasures from renowned historic artists as well as new themes that seem to define the art market. The art industry is continuously growing larger which means there will always be a new artist trying to reinvent the wheel. In the current year it is important to remember where art came from and how much innovation has changed the game. If you are an aspiring artist, there is no reason to feel intimidated by the industry. Prepare yourself by learning of artists of centuries past and take what they did and apply it to your own creations.

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